Google Ads

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Google Ads

Google Ads (also known as Adwords, Paid Search, & PPC), is your ability to “rent” the top spot on a page for a given keyword instead of owning it organically. Understandably, this can get quite expensive as other businesses bid against you to hold that top spot as well. We know the struggle you may have faced investing so much, only to receive so little for your ROI. Our PPC campaigns were built to test & optimize around each keyword set to ensure the highest quality clicks and conversions are taking place. Retargeting visitors from the website through display ads in search is included in our campaigns are launched.


**Pricing varies by number of campaigns. See menu below.

$997.00 – $1997.00

Landing Page Add-On


Monthly Management


Adspend between $1500 – $2500/month



Adspend between $2501 – $3500/month



Adspend between $3501 – $5000/month



  • Website Access, CID, Intake Information & Virtual Onboarding complete & received the mark “Day 1” in our process timeline, or this will result in delays from the time of checkout.
  • A well-converting landing page is required unless a new landing page is purchased.
  • Keep in mind that Google Adwords cost per click is based on current auction bids and may change within the budget
  • Business owner understands that Google Adwords cost per click is based on the current auction bids and are subject to change within their set budget.
  • Initial campaign KPIs for dialing in the strategy include an increase in clicks and CTR often prior to lead performance increasing (this a good sign we’re on the right track).
  • The campaign may take up to 45 days for a dialed-in strategy if the ad account is brand new (conversions likely happen while this is warming up).
  • The AdWords account must be established and a credit card for spending must be added prior to onboarding or this may result in delays.
  • The negative keyword list and campaign history should be provided for analysis if a previous campaign was run.

1) Just pick the services above that best fit your needs

2)  Purchase your services (create an account if you haven’t yet)

3) Receive an email and complete the intake form

Setup Timeline

  • Step 1 – Virtual Onboarding & requirements are shared
  • Step 2 – Target keywords are researched & sent for approval 
  • Step 3 – Ad copy is sent for edits/approval  (pending approval of keywords)
  • Step 4 – Adwords campaign is built out (pending approval of ad copy)
  • Step 5 – Campaign is launched
  • Step 6 – Mid-month update
  • Day 30 – Final monthly tasks complete 
  • Day 35 – Monthly report is sent over & call to review is offered